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Hi everyone, remember me? I’m sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy. 

I’m okay. I feel the same and he’s still confused. So still, nothing much has changed. He finished school and came back to my country a few months ago so we’ve been seeing each other a lot and talking a lot. He spoke to my sisters and explained everything, which means so much to me. There are rumors of him being sent to another city for an assignment. It would be his first one. It would be sad, but probably a good thing because it would help him discern. 

We’re getting back on the right track and focusing on our friendship. If something else is meant to be, it will be. I can’t do anything anymore and everyday I’m getting better at accepting that. Before, I didn’t see a future beyond him. I do now.

Please continue to pray. Thank you and God bless. 

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Anonymous asked:

I know it may be difficult to do, but the best way to be his friend and support him as a monk may be to spend less time with him/communicate less. It will also help you get over him and move forward in your own vocation to marriage, with someone who is will be able to share all of himself with you without holding back because of other commitments he has.

✚MONK GIRL✚ answered:

I agree and yet I still can’t do it. He has to let me go too, but he won’t. He still is confused. I hope he gets an assignment soon because that will help him discern and get an idea of what he’ll be doing for the rest of his life if he decides to stay. 

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Hi all…nothing has changed. I’ll see him again in a few months and…we’ll see. I have no more false hope and I’m ready to say goodbye if I have to. It will be hard, but I’m ready because I can’t do this anymore.

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We had a huge talk last night. He said he thinks marriage isn’t for him so he doesn’t want me to have false hope as to where this is going, that he can’t guarantee anything, and that while he has feelings for me, he thinks I feel more strongly towards him, romantically-wise. 

So yeah it kind of hurts! But he’s still my dearest friend and we’re still on perfectly good speaking terms. I just need to accept this and be the friend he needs me to be to help him commit to monastic life.

Please keep us in your prayers. God bless you. 

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