We had a huge talk last night. He said he thinks marriage isn’t for him so he doesn’t want me to have false hope as to where this is going, that he can’t guarantee anything, and that while he has feelings for me, he thinks I feel more strongly towards him, romantically-wise. 

So yeah it kind of hurts! But he’s still my dearest friend and we’re still on perfectly good speaking terms. I just need to accept this and be the friend he needs me to be to help him commit to monastic life.

Please keep us in your prayers. God bless you. 

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Same old, same old.

One day it’s “I’ll see you next summer for sure. We’ll work things out.” The next it’s “I wonder where they’ll send me next. I wonder if I’ll see you again.”

His uncertainty is helping me to let go. Honestly, what can I do anymore? 

Thanks for you continued prayers and support! 

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"He knows all you’ve ever done - He loves you more than anyone."
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